Tiny Twiga makes beautiful Apps to connect digital play with children's favourite offscreen activities. Our founders Chris and Belinda Young have spent over 15 years working on Academy Award winning films and children's animated features. When the iPad was first released, they immediately saw it's touch screen as an exciting new medium to showcase their talents. So they started Tiny Twiga and set off on the two year journey to making their first app.


Since then Tiny Twiga has published seven apps on the Apple App Store including number one ranking Australian education app, Tiny Robot Maker. Our Apps offer the unique experience of connecting screen time with traditional creative activities that children of all ages adore. When you purchase one of our Apps,  your children are getting a fun and safe digital experience, along with the option of printing their digital creations as a variety of activities on paper. This provides hours of additional creative fun when the device is switched off, whether that be card making, art making or the calming art of colouring in.


We are a family company with all our Apps produced entirely in our studio in Sydney, Australia by Chris and Belinda. We are responsible when it comes to your privacy and that of your children. For that reason our Apps do not contain third party advertising, do not collect private information and all have a parental lock so that external links are not available to young children.


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