An Interactive Picturebook for iPad and iPhone

Hello Meerkat! Where have you been hiding today? While you are visiting the animals at the zoo, the Meerkat babies are playing hide and seek with you! READ, PLAY, LEARN, and COUNT with the Meerkats and all your favourite animal friends in this Interactive Picturebook.



A lovely rhyme about the zoo animals and their babies comes to life with movie quality imagery and characters. Thoughtful interactivity, animation and sound allows children to play with the animals on each page before the Meerkat babies peek from their hiding spots. Catch a Meerkat to visit the next animal! The day ends with a beautiful interactive bedtime scene.



Build vocabulary and knowledge while learning the names of the animals, their babies and fun facts.



Practise counting from 1-20 in an exciting game of catch with the Meerkats.



Find the animals in the night time scene and say goodnight.


- Original artwork, story and characters with a 3d animated Meerkat.

- Engages the reader with interactivity relevant to the story and pictures.

- Narration, Autoplay and Meerkat speed settings.

- Family friendly with no advertising, no in-app purchasing and no external links.

- Suitable for children aged 2-5 years.


"I consider Hello Meerkat! HD by Tiny Twiga Studios a complete package as it has several key points I look for when testing out apps to introduce to my children or students- it is educational, entertaining, and well put together with beautiful illustrations, music and sound effects."- The Appy Ladies.


"This is an enjoyable app that is richly illustrated and unique. It offers many learning opportunities and is great for parent-child bonding. The goodnight scene with the animals’ eyes twinkling like stars in the night is beautiful and calming at the same time." - The iMums.


"In the market for a new bedtime story?  Hello Meerkat is a cute, interactive, and educational story that is perfect for winding down at night... From reading, to learning, to a game of hide and seek, this app has enough interactions and activities to keep young children busy, but not enough to overwhelm them." - Fun Educational Apps.

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