Make beautiful Fairies with colourful costumes inspired by garden flowers with our Tiny Fairy Maker App- Available on The App Store


Dress Up, Collect, Print & Colour- for creativity both on and off screen.

Make beautiful Fairies with colourful costumes inspired by garden flowers! Keep them in your very own fairy collection or print your fairies as art, colouring pages, birthday cards and party invitations. With 1000’s of pretty fairy combinations, Tiny Fairy Maker provides hours of creativity for little fairy lovers!


- Four different fairies to dress up in a seemingly endless combination of costumes.

- A variety of skirts, tops, shoes, wings, wands and accessories all inspired by garden flowers.

- Your very own Fairy Gallery which displays the last 50 saved fairies.

- The unique ability to also save and print fairies to use in a variety of off-screen activities.

- Export fairies to your camera roll as full colour art, black and white colouring pages, birthday cards and birthday party invitations.

- Suitable for ages 3-6 years, with an interface featuring large buttons and easy navigation.

- No third party advertising, no in-app purchasing and all external links are behind a secure parental gate.


Tiny Fairy Maker is great for connecting digital play with offscreen activities.


You’ll enjoy using Tiny Fairy Maker just as much as the kids! It is so easy to turn their fairies into black and white colouring pages for hours of colouring in and craft. They’ll also enjoy making cards for friends and birthday party invitations with their very own fairy designs. Another way to enjoy their collection is to print and frame full colour fairies to decorate a bedroom or playspace. All artwork is saved as a standard A4 (21 x 29.7cm) size page to print on your home printer.


"Anyone can design a fairy, save it and look at it again later BUT with this app you can do so much more within the fairy world. You can create coloring pages by changing the settings from color to black and white allowing a child to create their own fairy community outside of the digital world. (There is also the ability to create invitations as well!)  If you have a lover of the magic world of fairies then this is the app for you."-  The Appy Ladies


"My daughter, aged 7, enjoyed creating her fairies but her favorite activity was getting to color pictures of the fairies she created... Overall, a fun creative app for the little fairy lover in your family, Tiny Fairy Maker allows them to create fairy friends within the app and to color them off iPad with pencil, crayon or paint and paper."

- The iMums


"Parents could readily use this app at home. It encourages fun and creativity...Another excellent feature of this app is the ability to create a birthday card, blank card or party invitation from the fairy picture." Overall Rating 5 Appys - Appymall


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