Make Art with Nature- A fun art activity game using nature as a drawing prompt.

Could that leaf be a dinosaur, a bug or perhaps a duck? Is that rock a little dog or a monkey scratching his belly? Make art with objects from nature in this simple and often hilarious art activity game. Featuring stunning macro photography, interactive googly eyes and a special nature brush, the only limit is your imagination!


Drawing allows kids to express themselves while developing fine motor skills and storytelling abilities.


Tiny Nature Artist provides a drawing prompt instead of just a blank canvas in order to spark their creativity. With interesting natural objects and organic brushes, young artists will be inspired to imagine, draw and discover amazing things in their world.

* Four themes inspired by the seasons, each with its own beautifully photographed set of nature objects.


* Simple drawing controls with a variety of colours, pencils, paintbrushes and nature brushes.


* A magic nature wand to randomly arrange interesting new objects on the canvas.


* Interactive googly eyes (HINT- place them first and they’ll watch you draw!)


* An Art Gallery to save artworks. These can be opened to edit later or saved to print or share.


* A Parent /Teacher section to allow grown ups to print templates to use in activities off-screen.


This app is suitable for children aged 4-8 years. Younger kids will enjoy creating the simplest character from a leaf, while their older friends will love adding finer details to make a whole scene. It contains no third party advertising, no in-app purchasing and all external links are behind a secure parental gate.


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