Design cute little Owls with fancy feathers and fabulous costumes with our Tiny Owl Maker App- Available on The App Store


Design, Collect, Print & Colour- for creativity both on and off screen.

Design cute little Owls with fancy feathers and fabulous costumes! Collect them in your very own gallery or print as colouring pages, birthday cards and party invitations. With so many adorable characters to make and print, Tiny Owl Maker provides hours of creative fun!


- Four different owl characters to design including gorgeous baby owls and their parents.

- A template guides little kids where to add wings, faces, feathers, costumes and tails.

- An Owl Gallery which displays the last 50 owls designs.

- Save and Print images to use in a variety of creative off-screen activities. Images can be exported to your camera roll as full colour art, black and white colouring pages, birthday cards and birthday party invitations.


Tiny Owl Maker is one of our Tiny Maker series of apps designed for connecting digital play with creative offscreen activities.


You’ll enjoy using Tiny Owl Maker just as much as the kids! It is so easy to turn their owls into black and white colouring pages, cards for friends and birthday party invitations. Another way to enjoy their creations is to print and frame full colour images to decorate a bedroom or playspace. All artwork is saved as an A4 (21 x 29.7cm) size page to print on your home printer.


*This app is suitable for children aged 3-6 years, with an interface featuring large buttons for easy navigation. It contains no third party advertising, no in-app purchasing and all external links are behind a secure parental gate.


"Tiny Owl Maker from Tiny Twiga Studios is the newest addition to their superb line up of creativity apps. In Owl Maker, you have the choice between 4 different owls and create them from a wide variety of stickers. I love this series as it promotes body awareness and just how our bodies work as a unit, and if little ones should get stuck - they are gently prompted where the pieces go." - Appymall

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