Make colourful robots from funky pieces of scrap metal, cogs and pipes with our Tiny Robot Maker App- Available on The App Store


Build, Collect, Print & Colour - for creativity both on and off screen.

Make colourful Robots from funky pieces of scrap metal, cogs and pipes! Build your very own robot collection with 1000s of different robot combinations. Then save and print your creations as art, colouring pages, birthday cards and party invitations!



- Four different robot shapes to build a seemingly endless combination of robot characters

- A colourful variety of body shapes, arms, legs, faces, hair & decorations to get creative with

- Your very own Robot Gallery which displays the last 50 saved robots.

- The unique ability to make, save and print robots to use in a variety of off-screen activities.

- Export robots to your camera roll as full colour art, black and white colouring pages, birthday cards and birthday party invitations.

- Suitable for children aged 3-6 years, with an interface featuring large buttons and easy navigation.

- No third party advertising, no in-app purchasing and all external links are behind a secure parental gate.


Tiny Robot Maker is great for connecting digital play with offscreen activities.


You’ll enjoy using Tiny Robot Maker just as much as the kids! It is so easy to turn their robots into black and white colouring pages for hours of colouring in and craft. They’ll also enjoy making cards for friends and birthday party invitations with their very own robot designs. Another way to enjoy their collection is to print and frame full colour robots to decorate a bedroom or playspace. All artwork is saved as a standard A4 (21 x 29.7cm) size page to print on your home printer.


"As an open ended app, children create and explore various colours and shapes in a playful way. The strength of this app is that it also invites "offscreen" play opportunites" -Appy Kids: The Best Apps for Pre-Schoolers by Dr Kristy Goodwin


“Tiny Robot Maker is an app that has so many levels of play and learning for preschoolers. Tiny Twiga Studios not only provides activities within the app, but have activities to extend play off-screen and into practical life experiences. ”

- Teachers With Apps


"My 2 Yr old can also use the app independently, although usually he plays it with an older sibling, usually with lots of smiles and giggles... Mr 6 put the app through its paces and declared that “I just love it, Mum”... It is no wonder Tiny Robot Maker swiftly made it to iTune’s Best New Apps list."- The Appy Ladies


"There’s bags of scope for different robot designs... we love seeing apps that provide stuff to do when the device is turned off, whether it’s colouring, follow-on educational materials, or papercraft."- Apps Playground



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